Last modified December 02, 2004

Setup fees:

Basic site:

Advanced site:

Deluxe site:

Maintenance fees:

List of sites we maintain:

Basic Site:
$125.00 (example: )

Includes: - Home page plus up to 3 additional pages
- Up to 15 hypertext links
- Your own graphics and/or pre-scanned photos published
- Content and graphics layout
- One search engine submission
- Free Tracking (info about who visits your site)


Advanced Site: $200.00 (example:

Includes: - All of the Basic features plus:
- Up to 15 additional pages
- Up to 50 hypertext links
- One Homepage Graphic Design
  (with your approval before publishing)
  OR photo/image scanning (up to 20 images)
- Three search engine submissions
- Your choice of One of the following options:
* Frames
* Wav or Midi on startup (music or other sounds)
* Image mapping
* Javascript
* One additional graphic design


Deluxe Site: $350 (example: / )

Includes: - All of the Advanced features plus:
- Up to 50 additional pages
- Up to 100 hypertext links
- Two additional graphic designs
- Photo/image scanning (up to 100 images)
- Wav or Midi on startup
- 10 search engine submissions
- Your choice of Three of the following options:
* Frames
* Image mapping
* Javascript
* Two additional graphic designs
* Fill-out / Order Form(s)
* Midi Jukebox
  (visitors may choose music to play while viewing your site)


*** If there are any other options you would like to use on your site, feel free to ask and we'll see what we can do! ***

Maintenance fees:

If you'd like for us to maintain your site, we charge $15.00 for each hour we spend on your site with a minimum of one hour per month. This includes adding minor updates, corrections and/or changes, and monthly hyperlink validity checks. You may choose to take over maintenance of your own site at any time.

For existing sites that we are asked take over, we charge $15.00 per hour.


Sites we maintain and have maintained:

A Pony For Your Thoughts
The Mildred Busch School Of Music
The Davison family
Johnathan Spencer Joplin, a memorial
The Davison archive
Polk Street United Methodist Church
The Amarillo Symphony Orchestra
Railroad Artifact Preservation Society
Sisters Scraps Quilting Store
Amarillo Web Hosting

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